Grab my Cape!

I often joke about having days where I don my “SuperMom” cape. I’m thinking about actually making one. If I can ever find the time. Ha!!!

Today was one of those days. Laundry sorted and started, little things picked up all over the house and moved to their appropriate places, bed made, dogs out and back in, cat out, downstairs toilets cleaned… All before Becca woke up!! We ate breakfast, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher while she walked, played with her, she (didn’t) napped, I vaccumed the downstairs while she cried hoping she would sleep, got her up, she played while I worked on a card order, then we breaked for lunch. Moved the laundry, fixed lunch, ate lunch, watched her walk in her walker, then read a whole stack of books before she fell asleep on me (that NEVER happens- must treasure these moments!!!). While she slept, I emailed a couple of travel clients, finished one card order, filled another, got both ready to ship, updated my page, and… Yup! Snuck in a 15 minute nap!! Whew!

She’s been making a few rustling noises, so after I post this, I’ll get her up, put her back in the walker, fold all the laundry and put it away, and find something to fix for dinner.

It really does feel like if I had a cape somehow I could have fit one or two more things in… In all of it, continuously I am thankful for my health and the ability to take care of the things in our home that need to be taken care of. I’m thankful for the creativity God has given me to make cards, and for people who keep blessing me by buying them!!

And so much more but my sweet girl needs me! 🙂

Almost -Gulp- 29

And no, that’s not 29 and holding… I’ve got a 39 year-old-husband to catch up with!! Ha! He keeps me feeling young.

But seriously. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all I’ve seen in my life. All I’ve done. All I’ve conquered.

With the passing of Cody’s Mima recently (she was 98), I’ve made it a goal to live my life such that when I pass, someone who knew me 20 years earlier would want to come and remember me fondly.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about all the friends I’ve had. People I’ve crossed paths with. Acquaintences I’ve lost track of… And something I heard recently. At MOPS this month, one of our sponsor moms got up and talked about friendships. She talked about how a true friend will stick by you and help you, and how a best friend is someone that will draw you closer in your walk with God. That really caused me to pause.

Am I drawing my friends closer in their walk? I hope so.
Am I living a life that others would want to be a part of and remember? I hope so.
Am I setting an example for Rebecca to follow of how to be a godly mother? I hope so.

This is my prayer, as I spend my last week being 28 – that in my 29th year God will drastically use me. I have so many friends that I know on the surface. Maybe He plans to deepen some of those friendships. Or maybe He will bring someone new into my life. All I know is, I’m done letting the years pass without making more of a concerted effort to make a difference in this world.

I know I’m just one person, but I used to believe I could change the world. Somewhere along the way, I got jaded. God says that with my faith, I can move mountains. So look out, world! I’m not going to let the last year of my 20s pass me by without being the change I so desperately need to be!

Oh, What a ______ Week!

Sadly, “wonderful” was not the word I thought of to put in that blank. “Crappy,” “Sick,” “Grumpy,” “Fussy,” yup. It’s a wonder week. Haven’t heard of them? If you’re a parent, you’ve heard of them whether you realize it or not. A “Wonder Week” is one of those periods of brain development when so much is going on in your child that you WONDER where the heck your normal child went. HA! (Seriously, though, if you don’t know, check out this website:

Not only are we in the middle of brain leap number 7, we are directly under the thunder cloud on the chart for this month of craziness. AND, add to that an ear infection, major allergy problems, nasty tasting medicine, daddy home all week because he’s sick too (not that this is a bad thing to have him home, just not normal schedule), oh, and she’s decided that she can’t live without her third nap – a late afternoon catnap that she dropped a few weeks ago and I’ve been calling “rest” time.. where she plays in her crib… except that she can’t live without that rest time now, and has been wanting to go to bed at 6:30 and waking back up between 7:30 and 8 to play for an hour/hour and a half! Sigh. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out… the question changes. Throw a mommy’s hormones in the mix and WHEW! It’s been quite a week. I WONDER how we made it to Friday night! Seriously!

BUT – a few positives – this brain leap month we’re in the middle of has Becca doing so many amazing things, we just can’t believe it. She’s clapping regularly to mimic us, can sit up easily from a crawling position, as well as sit straight up from laying flat on her back, crawls like she’s got a fire in her pants, runs in her walker, walks easily while holding our fingers, plays with Duplos and has figured out how to take them apart and that they make a super fun noise when she hits them together, now successfully signs “eat” (VICTORY!!! Been working on that one FOREVER!), says “duh” for duck and “muh” for monkey, and I’m sure a million other things I just can’t think of at the moment. Her progress even just this week has been crazy, not to mention her progress the last two that we’ve been in this month of major development.

This brain leap has also made her clingy and temperamental. She gets into modes where the only thing she wants is for mommy to hold her. Little Miss Independent suddenly drops her act and HAS to get in my lap. OH! That’s another thing – she crawled into my lap today to look at books! She loves to help turn the pages. Gosh. It’s definitely NOT all negative, but putting it all together helps me justify to myself why at the end of a week when I did VERY little at home and for work I’m absolutely EXHAUSTED. Oh, did I mention, I got hit with the allergy crap, too? At least I didn’t get it as bad as the two of them did, so I could take care of everyone.

WOW. What a week! We lived. We won’t be writing home about this one, though. Altho, since my mom will probably read this, I guess I did! HAHA! LOL. I think something about all the allergy meds I’m taking probably has me a bit loopy and off my rocker. Oh well, after weeks like this, I like to remind myself:

I’m forgiven, not perfect; complete, not finished. 🙂 He’s got a plan, and somehow this week plays into it all and is an exact fit for this place in the puzzle.


Lil snugglebug one day this week at playtime – just crawled over to me and decided it was time for a nap after linking arms with me. 
THESE are the moments to remember and treasure forever. 🙂


First rain

Yesterday it rained. Big time. All day long. It was wonderful!! Before it started really coming down, though, I realized that Becca had never really experienced rain. It rained back in early January just a little bit, but she was six months old and we just stayed inside.

So yesterday we walked out in it. Just stood in the rain. She turned her face up toward the sky and closed her eyes and just smiled as the water dripped and ran down her face. She felt the cold wind and her hair blew around. She saw the lightning and heard the thunder, and she laughed. She LOVED it. We twirled and danced in the rain and it was the best thing EVER. Then we came inside and changed our weather chart to rain for the first time since it’s creation. We sat in the dining room and watched as the rain got heavier and louder. She loved the whole experience. It was amazing to watch her face as she learned something new.

I think often we see the rain as a problem. But in this drought-parched land, we loved the rain and the chance to dance in it! Yesterday truly was a blessing. We took the opportunity to hang out in our pjs and just relax- something that we never really take the time to do.