Every Friday, be sure to check out my Fun with Art series, plus other Art posts randomly sprinkled throughout the blog!


The Christmas Gift They’ll Be Talking About All Year (2016 Calendar Project)

Clothespin Painting

Valentine T-Shirt Painting

Do-A-Dot Butterflies

An Invitation to Scrape 

Bubble Painting

Painting with Cars

Paint your own Foot Book

Bell Pepper Shamrocks

Mess-Free Painting with Your Baby Bee

Coffee Paint

Tape Resist Name Art

Cling Film Art

Celery Uses (including painting)

Wildflower Flower Window Decorations

Kitchen Brush Flowers

Nature Photography Art

Painted Flower Bouquet

Sauce Painting for Baby Bees

Calendar Art… It’s Time!

TP Roll Painting

Painting – With a Twist! – New post coming Oct 2!

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