About Me

Me: I am the wife of a wonderful man named Cody, and the mother of two amazing kids (find out about them below). I am a work at home mom (travel agent) that works between 3-5 hours a day, and sometimes more.  While it’s often a lot to juggle, I love my job, but I also love being able to be at home for all of my kid’s new adventures and discoveries. I also love to craft, and Hobby Lobby is my guilty pleasure shopping trip of choice! HA! I enjoy scrapbooking, and have since I was in third grade. I love to cook and bake and my favorite room in the house is my kitchen. Another favorite hobby, and one that I share with my husband, is photography.  Working from home and having all these hobbies, it’s a challenge to fit everything in every day, and some (MOST) days it just doesn’t happen. My motto is “If the kids are clean, fed, and happy breathing, it was a successful day.” (I’m learning that “happy” doesn’t always happen with a toddler and a preschooler, depending on what swing of the moods we are on at the moment… ha!)  Sometimes I feel like that’s all that gets accomplished! HA! Then there are other days that I don my “Supermom” cape and conquer the world, but that seems to be less and less often…

Before all of this, I was a teacher.  I taught for 5 1/2 years (3rd and 2nd as a long-term substitute for several months, K, 2nd, K, K, 1st)  in three different public school districts.  I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, and a Master’s degree in Educational Administration, Curriculum, and Supervision, with a specialty in curriculum development and testing data analysis.  Before my certifications expired, I was certified to teach Elementary Ed through 8th grade and Early Childhood birth thru 3rd grade.  I have also worked in a day care setting two different times – once as an arts and crafts coordinator, and then also as a 18month-24 month teacher.  I try to use all of those experiences to help me be a better mom, and try to share what I have learned with others.

So, that’s a bit about me! The best gift God could have ever given me was my husband, and the best gifts He could have ever given us together is our beautiful little angel and our handsome little prince.

I am forgiven, not perfect; complete, not finished.


My kids:
Rebecca was born in June of 2012, and is perhaps the neatest kid I think I’ve ever met (not including her brother, of course).  She has an amazing personality, and is profoundly gifted.  She loves science, and has an insatiable thirst for knowledge regarding all things.  Literally.  All things.  She is an avid reader of both picture and chapter books and enjoys reading anything put in front her – especially non-fiction.  She is sweet, kind, thoughtful, loves to help, and loves her brother fiercely.  She also faces the challenge of having Sensory Processing Disorder – she suffers from triggers regarding loud noises, dim or no lighting, and often feels that even an unwelcome brush on her shoulder or touch of her hair is a physical assault.  She has anosmia (no sense of smell), but isn’t about to let that slow her down.  She has an amazingly long memory and a heart of gold.  As parents, we are daily learning what it means to be her advocates, disciplinarians, and playmates… and sometimes struggle to help her through the difficulties she faces academically, socially, and physically.  We are SO VERY BLESSED to have this beautiful little girl in our lives.  Her smile can brighten the darkest day, and her eyes twinkle when she is happy.  She loves to dance and sing and is quick to tell those that she loves, “I love you.”  She is truly my Becca Boo, my lil Princess, my Big Butterfly, my love.

Grayson was born in May of 2014 (they are 23 1/2 months apart), and is a super happy little boy.  As we watch him grow, it’s just so fun to watch his personality develop.  He is very serious about exploring his world, and loves to head up the demolition of anything that Sister has created and left within reach.  He so desires to be just like her and do whatever she does.  The thing that takes my breath away about this boy is how he can go from crying over a diaper rash or nebulizer treatment to a quick, HUGE, full-face smile.  He is a genuinely happy child, who crinkles his nose and proudly displays his tiny little teeth in a way that just melts my heart.  He’s also my snuggler, and his love for snuggles and cuddles has encouraged Sister to snuggle, as well.  My favorite moments as a mom are snuggling with him… and then having Sister decide to join in the snuggles, too.   He’s a typical little boy in so many ways – loves trains, dinosaurs, electronic buttons, electronics in general…  As his personality begins to grow, I know we’re in for a lot of fun with this one.  He is truly my lil bear, my lil prince, my Baby Bee, my love.

3 thoughts on “About Me”

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you’re following! I try to “keep it real,” so some weeks like this one, I’m not able to share much, but I also love the accountability that having this blog gives me – keeps me thinking, creating, and encourages me to find new creative ways to reach my gifted girl and my growing boy! 🙂


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