July Photo Challenge – Day 24


july 24 fabric

I dearly love fleece.  It’s my favorite fabric ever.  It’s soft and snuggly, and perfect no matter the weather.  If it’s cold outside, snuggle up!  If it’s hot outside, turn it cold inside and snuggle up! 🙂  This is one of the MANY fleece blankets I’ve made in my day – currently being used as the floor to our under-the-dining-room-table-fort-that-mommy-should-have-put-away-three-days-ago.  🙂

July Photo Challenge – Day 23


July 23 glass

My sweet little girl has transformed much of the glass in our house – it’s regularly covered with finger (and tongue – yuck!) prints.  But this piece of glass is particularly special – she LOVES her paint smear bag!  So much fun to squish it around!  It’s like stained glass that you can play with that keeps being fun forever! 🙂