Grab my Cape!

I often joke about having days where I don my “SuperMom” cape. I’m thinking about actually making one. If I can ever find the time. Ha!!!

Today was one of those days. Laundry sorted and started, little things picked up all over the house and moved to their appropriate places, bed made, dogs out and back in, cat out, downstairs toilets cleaned… All before Becca woke up!! We ate breakfast, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher while she walked, played with her, she (didn’t) napped, I vaccumed the downstairs while she cried hoping she would sleep, got her up, she played while I worked on a card order, then we breaked for lunch. Moved the laundry, fixed lunch, ate lunch, watched her walk in her walker, then read a whole stack of books before she fell asleep on me (that NEVER happens- must treasure these moments!!!). While she slept, I emailed a couple of travel clients, finished one card order, filled another, got both ready to ship, updated my page, and… Yup! Snuck in a 15 minute nap!! Whew!

She’s been making a few rustling noises, so after I post this, I’ll get her up, put her back in the walker, fold all the laundry and put it away, and find something to fix for dinner.

It really does feel like if I had a cape somehow I could have fit one or two more things in… In all of it, continuously I am thankful for my health and the ability to take care of the things in our home that need to be taken care of. I’m thankful for the creativity God has given me to make cards, and for people who keep blessing me by buying them!!

And so much more but my sweet girl needs me! 🙂

Author: Mrs. H

I am a SPED Teacher who is mom to three beautiful children, a wife to a fabulous man, and blessed beyond compare!

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