One Year Ago

One year ago right now, I was exhausted, and the nurses were beginning to ask me if I wanted my epidural yet. I hung on until somewhere around 2am, and then I fell in love with a man that I can’t even remember his name… Ha! He said he gets that “I love you!” comment a lot. God bless that anesthesiologist!

Then, by noon, I was ready to start the delivery process! I began pushing a little after that, and by 1:41pm June 15, our beautiful little Rebecca Joy was born!

Our little 7 pound 10 ounce 20″ long baby girl has grown up so fast. This last year of my life has been a fabulous whirlwind that at times felt it would never end, and at other times has flown by so fast it’s left my head spinning.

Tonight I rocked her and read her two bedtime stories as she held her George monkey and sucked her finger. I sang Great is Thy Faithfulness, Amazing Grace, and by verse two of Silent Night, she was asleep in my arms. When I transferred her to the bed, she woke up a bit and grinned at me. She is such a sweet baby. But she’s turning into a toddler now. My baby girl is growing up.

I wonder what this next year will bring, and I pray she doesn’t blossom into the strong-willed but easily brokenhearted baby we dealt with tonight at dinner who cried when she was told not to throw her food in the floor but continued and continued until she had to get her hand “swatted” (more of a pat really, but to get her attention). Her tears broke my heart. I so hope we don’t have too many of these episodes coming up. And I pray that if we do, God equips us to deal with them.

I wonder too if this next year will bring more verbal skills and what will come out of our budding linguist’s mouth next. This week she started saying “uhoh” when something falls on the floor. A.dor.a.ble!!! I wonder what other words, phrases, and expressions she’ll start using.

This last year has gone fast, but I’ve really tried to enjoy every moment, and I plan to continue. Because I know I’ll blink and I’ll be writing a “one year ago” post that includes kindergarten, high school, and college graduations.

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