Where Were You – August 1, 1966?

I wasn’t here yet.  I suppose by age six, one could say that I had been a thought in my mother’s mind – as I would guess that she had probably pretended about her future family and children.  But I wasn’t here.

However, the actions of August 1, 1966, touched my life.  They touched everyone’s lives.  Just as the actions of September 11, 2001 touched the lives of those yet unborn.  But do we take time to remember?  I’m not sure.  Many in Austin do, but many around the country and around the world have forgotten.  They have forgotten Charles Whitman, his mother, and his wife.  They have forgotten that fateful day in Austin, Texas, when he climbed the tower at the University of Texas and brutally shot and killed 14 people including a pregnant mother, and wounded 32 others.

He had a mental illness.  He was angry.  And for that, they gave their lives.  And for that, we must vow to never forget.


Author: travelwchristy

I am a SPED Paraprofessional who is mom to three beautiful children, a wife to a fabulous man, and blessed beyond compare!

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