Hurry up… And wait

The mentality of humans amazes me. We rush thru life to get “fast food,” “fast passes,” and “flash drives.” We buy computers that run faster than previous models, phones that connect to everything faster than before, etc. And in that rush to get everywhere and everything faster, not only do we miss the small things, we find ourselves standing in longer lines, waiting longer, and complaining more. Not sure how to solve this problem, but I must say I’m anxious to hurry up (ha!!!) and get to my tropical island destination and let life slow down for a while. Apparently the throng of people who stood at my gate and waited 20 minutes for boarding the plane instead of sitting in a seat and relaxing til their group number was called were anxious too. Me? I sat back and enjoyed my tall skinny carmel macchiato and fat free blueberry muffin. (Fat free and skinny to make up for all the fat I’m about to consume this trip! Ha!!)
Getting ready to board. Still sittin in my seat.


Author: travelwchristy

I am a SPED Paraprofessional who is mom to three beautiful children, a wife to a fabulous man, and blessed beyond compare!

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