A Little Paint on the I’m-Really-Not-THAT-Old Barn

Sigh. If you’ve ever been mommy to a toddler, you know the feeling. The nights you fall into bed and think “wait, did I take a shower today?” Seriously, folks. It happens. More often than I’d like to admit. Because while I keep great track of Becca’s baths and hygeine habits, this mommy is also trying to keep lots of plates spinning. Important ones. Like laundry, dishes, vaccumming, the latest on Chopped and Rizzoli & Isles. HA! Seriously. Although I think I have about twenty episodes of Chopped to catch up on, and was always about three weeks behind on Rizzoli & Isles. I finally finished the season this week. (Thank goodness for a winter season- I always have a hard time making it to summer without that show!!! Altho Castle starts soon…)

No, really- there’s so much more than housework and craft projects with Becca. Working from home is a challenge, ya’ll. I LOVE my business. Wouldn’t trade it, or the opportunities. But there’s something about having eight hours of work and your toddler only napping around three and a half hours. And I know I’m lucky- I know some don’t sleep that much. But, all that stuff adds up to mommy falling into bed at night trying to recall when my last shower was. Did I brush my teeth today? Seriously. Sometimes it’s stinky around here. Sigh.

So this morning, even tho I don’t have time, I had to tell you what I did for myself. I rolled myself out of bed just after 6 (despite the glorious sound of rain on the window), got in the shower (I better keep track in case I forget!), and dressed for going to my MOPS steering meeting this morning. And then I did something crazy. Instead of just putting on my normal powder, blush, and thin eyeliner, I pulled out the lipliner! Look out, world! Mommy painted the barn! Seriously. Amazing the instant boost to my self esteem! I put on three shades of eye shadow like the fancy folks that work in big corporations making the big bucks do (most of whom I doubt have toddlers… And if you do, dang- hats off to you, mommy!!!)

But then- wait for it, ladies-

I filed my nails and put on some clear polish! (Thus the need for this post- I can’t do anything til they are dry… Now I remember why I don’t paint my nails!! Ha!). But man, the ego boost. Even tho my hair is wet (I let it air dry) and I’m in a tshirt and capris, I feel like a million bucks! You better look out, alarm clock! It might be worth setting you early every day so that before my quiet time I have time for a shower and put some paint on the old barn! But seriously, I’m not THAT old! I’m not.

That happens in April.

Author: travelwchristy

I am a SPED Paraprofessional who is mom to three beautiful children, a wife to a fabulous man, and blessed beyond compare!

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