Becca’s love affair with Eggo and Jimmy Dean

At some point, I wish I remembered the date (I may have it somewhere), Becca ate her first Eggo Nutrigrain Blueberry Waffle. And it was love at first bite. She doesn’t like syrup- she prefers them just toasted and plain. And I oblige. Most mornings her breakfast consists of waffles and something. Waffles and fruit, waffles and eggs, waffles and fruit and eggs, etc. And then one day she had her first bite of a Jimmy Dean breakfast turkey sausage patty. Which has lead to morning conversations like the one this morning, which tops them all:

Me: Let’s go eat breakfast- your waffle is ready.
Becca: nana?
Me: Yes, you can have a banana.
Becca: taustidge?
Me: Yes, you can have sausage. How many pieces do you want? (I usually ask do you want one or two- most times she wants two)
Becca: five.

The crazy thing is, I know she fully understands the concept of the quantity “five”. This silly girl. She sure loves her Eggos… And her Jimmy Dean. I think we need to make an advertising deal. I bet Jimmy Dean would sell a whole lot more turkey sausage if this cute blonde bed-head in footy pjs was telling everyone she wants five pieces of their “taustidge.” Ha!


Author: Mrs. H

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