This girl. She cracks me up! From cooking “awesauce” (applesauce), to putting more coffee on, to washing her hands, her kitchen playset is often the source of cute little pretend actions and comments. And she’s learning lessons about pretend vs real, too… She often gets reminded that the tortillas aren’t really real… And don’t go in her mouth. So she’ll pretend to eat them, or pretend to drink from a cup, and make cute little smacking noises with her lips. But last night, she went to such a new level, that I just had to immediately open up my notes app and write this down… And then post it for posterity.

Conversation between Becca and two teddy bears (she was of course both sides of the conversation):
“Tee bear eat all dat? Yesa ma’am.” (Makes teddy bear nod its head.) “Good tee bear.”
(Turns to the other teddy bear.)
“You tee bear? You eat all dat? pauseNo? Uhoh…..twouble. Nono good! So sad tee bear. pauseUnstan? Ok. No make Gecca sad. Eat all dat. K? K. ” (Makes other teddy bear nod its head.)

You just never know what this girl will come up with next! I love getting to listen to all of her little antics. Yesterday before I went in to get her up from her nap, she and her stuffed animal friends (she now naps with 4 special friends other than just George…) were going on a “twain” with “saurs” (no doubt inspired by the pbs show she loves- Dinosaur Train.)

And often in the bathtub, she’ll set her little play froggies up on the edge of the tub and say “tareful foggies not hurt self,” before helping them carefully jump back into the tub. If they don’t land upright, she’ll ask them, “ok foggies?” And answer, “Ok.” Also in the tub, her two duckies will re-inact the two favorite pages from her Apple Park book- one duck will pretend to be the bunny and hop up to the other duck and say “ducky have to lunch?” To which the other (the actual duck) will reply, “yes, quackers munch!” (The actual page has bunny asking duck if he has a snack to share for their lunch, and duck replies, something like, “yes, I have my favorite quackers to munch.”) (As an additional aside, she now calls crackers “quackers.” She knows the difference- she’ll grin when she says it, just to make sure you know she’s teasing and referencing the book.)

Never a dull moment. Never. I love it. And I love her soooooo much.

Author: Mrs. H

I am a SPED Teacher who is mom to three beautiful children, a wife to a fabulous man, and blessed beyond compare!

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