Water Pouring

I recently saw a post from Jamie over at Hands On Learning about water pouring.  I repeatedly have moments as the mom of a two year old that remind me of the “deer-in-the-headlights” moment I had on my first day of teaching kindergarten when my kids all stared at the flag during the flag salute.  I remember wondering why they weren’t saying the pledge, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks – BECAUSE I HAVE TO TEACH IT TO THEM!  Yeah.  I have that feeling a lot as a mom.  I keep forgetting that this little one is a blank slate.  She knows what she knows because we (Cody and I, her grandparents, the Little Einsteins, the Super Readers, Curious George, Peg and her cat, the dinosaurs from Dinosaur Train, Doc McStuffins, the Octonauts, Handy Manny, Daniel Tiger, the monsters from Sesame Street, and Jake and his band of pirates) have taught her.

SO, I read this post about water pouring and decided it was time to give it a try.  Yup.  We have a long way to go.  But she did learn, and I noticed her starting to get more confident, and spill less even after just one day of trying.  She learned that if she holds the pitcher handle with her strong hand (her left) and uses her weaker hand (her right) to support it, she can pour out the entire pitcher into the cup!  She also learned that picking up a cup and pouring it toward her doesn’t work so well.  But, like Jamie mentioned in her post, it was hot outside, so getting a little wet didn’t matter.  In fact, it was planned.  I’m hoping to have a few minutes at some point in every day to go outside and do this super simple activity.  It helps to run the hose (with a sprayer nozzle) over close so you can squirt more water in the pitcher when you need it.  She had so much fun, and I feel like somehow I’m a better parent for doing this with her.  And it’s super cheap!  (Not that our water bill isn’t outrageous every summer, but ya know, it’s not THAT much water, and what she is learning from this activity will truly last a lifetime!)

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