Water Walking

Ok – so this is a totally UN-original idea that I got from Megan over at Coffee Cups and Crayons (view her post here!)  And, I remember doing a similar activity when I taught third grade and we were talking about plants, capillary action, and all that jazz.  For Becca, it was a simple color mixing activity that she LOVED!  I will say, however, that it TAKES TIME.  Our bowls didn’t look like the finished bowl set for over three hours.  Perhaps that’s just because Bounty truly is the Quicker Picker Upper… and holds way more liquid before it’ll start giving any up.  Who knows.  But, we started the project at 4:20, and the final picture was taken just after 8pm.  (It had been finished for a while, but at that point it was bed time for both kids, so snapping a pic of our science experiment was about, oh, say the last priority in my mind!  HA!  Ya’ll understand, I’m sure.  But here are the photos of our water walking experiment, and I feel sure Becca will be wanting to do more in the coming days with other colors. 🙂  If you haven’t done this with your kids, it takes about two minutes to set up and it’s amazing!  She kept saying “It was empty but now has water in it!  Is green!”

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