Wacky Wednesday

Well, it’s another Wacky Wednesday around here… with more comedic (and dramatic) presence from Boo.

  • She sneezed – like three times in a row.  I said “Bless you!”  And She said, “Oh my GOODness!  So many sneezes!”  Yup.  So many.  Allergy season never seems to end in our house.
  • Ready to go somewhere, backing out of the garage.  “Here goes the car!  We’re moving, Baby Brother.”  I glanced in the rear view mirror just in time to see her smiling at him, and him actually looking back at her and smiling across the car.  My heart melted.
  • Commentating her actions (again, for the bazillionth time in her short life).  “I open the door by by myself.  Bump my toe.  Ouch.  Be careful, Becca Boo!”  I love it when she calls herself Becca Boo.  Super super cute.
  • In response to one of the million silly things her Pappy did this last weekend: “Oh PAP-PY!”  (Often with a shake of her head included.)
  • Looking at one of her Sesame Street placemats at the breakfast table: “Hmmm has how nany sides?”  (proceeds to count until she just can’t count any more going around and around and around the hexagon… couldn’t remember where she started) “Is a octagon?  No, no probly not.  Mommy?  How nany sides it have?”  (pause when I decide to let her figure it out on her own) “Looks like bees on honey.  Is hexagon?”  Yup.  It’s a hexagon.  I love her problem solving abilities.  If I can’t go around and count the sides, just look up at the honey jar on the table and relate the picture to what you KNOW is a hexagon.  The folks over at Gretchen Bee Ranch will be proud to know that their honey label helped Becca start recognizing hexagons by sight instead of having to count the sides.  Thanks, ya’ll!!

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