Wacky Wednesday

Ok – I’ve got some doozies for ya this week!  Here’s your weekly dose of Becca-isms… and there’s a lot this week – I’m getting better at writing things down.

  • Cody: “Are you ready for some football?” (In the announcer’s voice.) Becca: “No.”  Hey, she’s nothing if not honest.
  • Playing with her alphabet puzzle: “X marks the spot!”
  • “It’s a cockadoo!” (Pointing to a rooster)
  • “Awk Awk Polly wanna cwacker!” (Playing with the parrot from her pirate set.)
  • “We go to the park and I go down the spider slide!” She means spiral slide.  It took me a LONG time to figure this out.  I kept thinking maybe she saw a spider on the slide.  Nope.  Just a spiral.  Now if she ever sees a spider on a spiral slide, that will be something.
  • “When I see my friend Fairy (not the child’s name, but it sounds sort of similar, so Boo calls her Fairy), I gonna give her a big ole hug!  She my bestest gwirl friend!”
  • Me: “Are you hungry for ham or turkey for lunch?”  Becca: “Probly not.” Me: “Well, what are you hungry for?”  Becca: “Probly Peabutter Jeddy.”  Glad she knows what she wants!
  • Sitting at the breakfast table, looking at the windows.  “Is smallest, smallest, biggest.  Biggest in da middle.  So many lines. The bwinds is cwosed.”  Perfectly accurate – two smaller windows on either side of the large one, with the blinds closed.
  • “Mommy eatin hers breakist.  We eatin muffins.  Mommy made them so so tasty good!”  Why thank you, they did turn out pretty good!
  • Started coughing at lunch.  I told her to get a drink, she did, and replied: “Dats better!”
  • “Mommy hold you?”  (Three words I love to hear… but not when I’m doing the dishes.)
  • “We listen to music, mommy?  More Mandisa!”  Girl knows good music when she hears it!
  • “I need some nice clean cold fresh water wiff ice, pwease.”  That’s a lot of adjectives, girl!  Why don’t you tell me how you REALLY want your water?

Author: Mrs. H

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