Halloween Rice Sensory Play

Back when I colored a bunch of rice (see that post here), I made both orange and purple rice.  Today I only gave her the orange rice, a few pumpkins, a spoon, scoop, some cups, and this pumpkin ice cube tray I found at Dollar Tree.  She had so much fun stirring the rice and transferring it to the tray.  I’m hoping to have time to make some additional items to go with this activity before Halloween.  When I do, I’ll update and repost this.  The long-term plan is for her to have the orange and purple rice mixed together. 🙂

Clean up tip: If you’ll put your plastic table cloth with the fabric side up, the rice doesn’t bounce or roll off of the table cloth. 🙂



Total Prep Time for Mommy: Because I already had the rice colored, this took about two minutes (or less) to throw together.

Total Play Time for Becca: About 15 minutes.  I’ve noticed the past few days that her attention span for activities has been shorter and shorter.  But, it took very little time to set up, or clean up, so it’s all good.

Author: Mrs. H

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