Wacky Wednesday


  • Playing with her food in the kitchen while I did dishes: “I love bell peppers yellow red and green and lemonade! … Look at my food mommy. They’re all lined up.”
  • “Im gonna eat my pumpkin before it gets a face and frowns at me.”  Totally an original idea.  We had just talked about jack-o-lanterns the day before, and she loves her book where the pumpkins have faces, so I guess she came up with that from there.
  • Put her veggies in a reusable bag: “Ok less see what Ms Julie gived us today. She gived us carrots and broccodie and orange pepper and green pepper and eggplant!”  (We participate in a CSA group with a local farm, and get a bag of goodies every week.)
  • “I did it by by myself!”
  • “Mom!  Dad!  Look at me!”  Seriously – saying this all. the. time.  About EVERYTHING.  It’s hilarious!
  • Laying on the floor by her door, inside her room, knocking saying “Mommy in there?  Hello mommy!  Mommy?  Hello?  Where you go?  You in there?”


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