Sunday Sorting

Often on Sunday afternoons I’m left trying to find something -ANYTHING- to occupy Becca so we can watch football.  This is one that seems to be a favorite – she’ll do it, and then come back to it later.  And the best part is, I can do this with her fairly mindlessly while watching the game! 🙂


What you’ll need is an ice cube tray, and a bunch of poms.  You’ll need to sort through the poms before you give them to your child, to make sure that what you are giving them will actually fit in each cube space.  Then, dump them all into a container, and let your child sort!  It’s the most fun if you have different sizes as well as different colors, so they are having to sort on more than one level of thinking.

Looking to buy poms?  You can find them at any craft store, or save a trip and have them delivered to you!  Here is an AWESOME option from Amazon for just $8.74 (Affiliate link – thank you!):
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Total Prep Time for Mommy: About 3-5 minutes – just because I had to gather materials and sort the poms to make sure what I was giving her would fit and make sense.
Total Play Time for Becca: About 15-20 minutes at a time, several different times throughout the game, and then later in the week, too.

Author: Mrs. H

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