Wacky Wednesday

“Dorge is very sweepy.” Lays him down on the lower shelf of the changing table and covers him up with a washrag. “Night, night, Dorge!” She’s such a good Mommy!

She has this awesome ladybug that projects stars and the moon onto the ceiling in the dark. She loves playing with it before bed, and dances all over her room to it, often saying, “I’m dancing – with the stars!”

“I coming to get the stars! I’m jumping an get them.”

“Where’s Dorge went?” “He went to take a bath, remember?” “Oh yeah! I go watch him! He goes around and around and around and around (and around…) and get all cwean so I can pway wif him again!”

Opens a adult level chapter book and says, “Oh wow now THERE’S words!” She may have found Heaven.

“I’m gonna put more blocks an make it much, much bigger ok?”

When the block tower got too tall and fell over- “Hmm that’s interesting.”

Told her we were gonna go to Sea World- “I put on my swimmin suit so I can go swim with the fishies and the sharks.” Fearless. Totally fearless.

It poured rain while we were there. I said, “Oh man we are all soaking wet!” She replied, “Yup, we got soak and wet.”

At the mall (hadn’t been there in at least two months, but she remembered the elevators…) “We gonna park and go in and go up the alligator and eat lunch!” Teehee hee. Misunderstood word strikes again.

Author: Mrs. H

I am a SPED Teacher who is mom to three beautiful children, a wife to a fabulous man, and blessed beyond compare!

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