Sticky Football Field

As you know, I’m always looking for ways to make Sunday afternoon football games more interactive for Becca – since she’s not as interested in staring at the screen as we are!  So, in my ever-continuing love of all things contact paper, and knowing how much she loves putting her hands on the sticky tree we made, I thought – why not let her walk on it?

Here’s what I did – I printed off two end zone signs for our favorite team (#WEARETEXANS), and printed off the sideline numbers (you could easily print them for both sides – I just did one).  I laid out the contact paper on the floor, and taped it down with painter’s tape (don’t use masking or you’ll leave residue on your floor!).  Then I laid down one end zone sign, and Becca placed the other.  I put down the 10 and 30, she put down the 20.  I put down the 50, she put down the 40.  Until all the numbers were down.  Then we counted them by 10s.  Then, we ripped green paper for grass, and sprinkled them all over the “field”, and she began to walk on it.  She LOVES the stickiness on her feet!  She says it feels cool.  It’s also super fun to run cars on because they make a great sound, and she loves to roll the football across it because that makes yet another cool sound!

You could also extend this by cutting yard lines, and putting a center logo on the field.  We just didn’t do that this time.  🙂

IMG_9418 IMG_9420 IMG_9421

Total Prep Time for Mommy: About 10 minutes – since I had to type up the yard line numbers, and print out end zone logos.

Total Play Time for Becca: About 20 minutes at a time every day, all week.  Very worthwhile activity!  She has been recognizing the numbers and counting all week, too. 🙂  Sneaky mommy.

Author: Mrs. H

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