Wacky Wednesday

Oh this girl.  I love her so.
  • Saw on the video monitor – she was making her car shoot up “Up up to the moon and leave gravity behind!  Bye bye gravity!  Bye bye Earf!”  Seriously.  Where does she get this stuff?!?  So later, I asked her later why she was flying her car to the moon and she said, “It doesn’t rain on the moon.  But we leave gravity behind.  Bye bye gravity.  I take the spider wif me.  Cuz it doesn’t rain.”  (The its bitsy spider book was open on the bed.)
  • “Where’s Daddy went?”  This girl is ALWAYS looking for Daddy.  I reply, “Daddy’s at work.”  “Oh.  He come home soon and see Becca Boo.”  Yup.  That’s the plan!
  • Cody’s parents visited this past weekend.  His mom came first, and his dad came later.  After she woke from her nap, he was here.  “Pappy is here?  Where is he?”  Me: “He’s in the shop with Daddy.”  Becca: “Oh!  They to-geyer in the shop.  We go say hi to them, Mommy!  Less go!  I need new diaper firs.”  I love how she talks.  And I love how excited she gets to see people.  And I love it when she’s actually willing to get her diaper changed… someday, before college, she’ll be potty trained.  I’m sure.  I hope.
  • At the Trader’s Village: “Can we ride the horses?  PLEAAAASSSEEEE?”  She LOVED the carousel.  And, she has re-defined begging with the world’s longest “please” and pleading eyes.  It works.
  • Recalling the Native American dancers after the fact: “They play a big dwum, Mommy.  It was loud.”  and “They danced ‘round and ‘round but they not fall down.”  Apparently they are Weebles.
  • Said to her Daddy when we were at the bridal fair, and his dad headed out: “Pappy goes down the driveway to see Mommy and Mamie.  I miss him.”  I love her heart.

IMG_9683 IMG_9685 IMG_9701

At the Native American dancing event at Trader’s Village.
Left – she watched SO intently.  Especially the jingle dancers.
Center – She enjoyed sitting with Mamie and Pappy part of the time, and had to tell him all about what he missed when he went to get a snack.
Right – Since we didn’t know what to really expect, I had Grayson in the Lillebaby, and just took the umbrella stroller for Boo.  She decided to take George for a ride part of the time, and pushed him almost the entire width of the place.  It was super cute… but also SUPER SLOW.  Bless Cody’s heart for walking with her.

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