Wacky Wednesday

wacky wednesday

  • Normally, we struggle with getting Becca to throw her snack trash away.  She’s great about throwing other trash away, but her snack is tough because she’s preoccupied with whatever she’s doing and just flat doesn’t want to stop and take ea minute to toss… but this time, the response was different, and it was all I could do to keep from laughing and snorting water out my nose (yup, don’t tell a kid to do something and then take a drink of water… lesson learned!)  Here’s how it went down: Me: “Hey Boo, can you please throw your trash away?  You finished your snack a long time ago.”  (insert taking a drink here)  Her very dramatic reply:  “Oh my!!!  How did I forget to do that?” (insert nearly snorting it all over the place here)
  • Driving home from somewhere, we passed a farm with some cows.  We pass this farm on an almost daily basis, but this particular day, the cows were right near the highway, and she saw them… and said… “Come here cows, lets moo togeyer!  Moooo!  Moooo!  I’m mooing like the cows, Mommy.”
  • My little fan of sunglasses… “The sun is bright.  I can’t see anything well.   I need my suns glasses, Mommy.”  (Ok, as long as they aren’t your son’s glasses, we’re good.  HA!)
  • While I was making the logo above to start posting on my Wacky Wednesday posts, she was sitting next to me, and giving me design tips.  (She loves to watch me on the computer – especially anytime I do anything on PicMonkey.)  “Mommy – is too many banoons.  But not enough purple ones.”  I agree – they could all be purple and it’d be fine with me… just going with the graphics available!
  • Watching Peep and the Big Wide World:  Becca: “It’s winter and the snow comes down.  I want to see snow, Mommy.  Is not winter tho.  Is fall.  When it gets be winter next, we see snow!!”  Me: “Well, it doesn’t usually snow here because we are too far South, but it snows at Granny and Pawpaw’s house.”  Becca: “Can I be a bird and go fly to Granny and Pawpaw and see snow?”  We proceeded to discuss the fact that birds actually fly South for the winter (like in the show) because the birds don’t like to be cold and wet (as in the show), but maybe sometime we’ll be at Granny and Pawpaw’s house when it snows.  (Dear God I hope not b/c I shudder to think about how it would be to try to get home in the snow and ice they often get in Oklahoma and North Texas…)  Her final comment: “Well, so when are we gonna go and see snow at Granny and Pawpaw’s house?  We go soon, right?”  Oh this girl.  Now if it doesn’t snow the next time we’re at their house, she’s gonna be all upset.
  • And in a totally unrelated conversation (prompted because the sky looked dark and stormy before her nap time…) “Mommy, it’s gonna get loud and boom and then the rain will come and we can go play outside under the umber-ella, ok?  The thunder will come and then we go have fun in the rain and splash and get all wet and need new clothes and a new diaper.  Ok?  Will you wake me up?  But not if it’s lightnen and we can’t because then I don’t want to wake up.”  Poor girl.  The thunder and rain never came… still in a drought here in South Texas.  One of these days, she’ll get to play in the rain again… one of these days.

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