Making an Impression

All this month, I’ll be sharing a variety of art activity ideas for you on Mondays… this week, I wanted to share an impromptu lesson on impressions that we both had a whole lot of fun with!

Becca LOVES playing with play dough, and she’s finally starting to get good at pushing cookie cutters down into the dough and coming out with shapes of dough.  Amazing how difficult that is when your fine and gross motor skills are still developing!  So the other day when she was playing, I thought I’d throw something new her way… and handed her a fork.  I loved her immediate response when I pressed the fork into the dough.  “WOW, Mommy!  You made ridges!”  And so it began.

First it was the fork, then a little pumpkin bead, then her spiky ball, then a food pouch lid, then a play apple… she took time to press each thing into the play dough to see what response she got from the item, and from the dough.  She noticed that the play dough wanted to stick to the spiky ball, but the plastic bead came right out… both left neat impressions.  The food pouch lid was just a mess.  It left a neat impression, but brought back a bunch of play dough stuck inside.  The apple was most disappointing to her – because she did it last, and it’s smooth surface “wiped away my holes!”  The spiky ball had left such a neat pattern, and then suddenly it was gone!

It was such a fun lesson, I know she’ll be wanting to do this again soon, so I’m already trying to think of things we can use to make impressions on play dough.

IMG_0049 IMG_0050

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  1. Great idea! Paityn is really into play dough now. She’s had a rapunzel set she was obsessed with, this week it’s been cookie cutters, and Santa will be bringing her a Minnie set😉😉. I will definitely have to try this!


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