Wacky Wednesday

wacky wednesday

– “Oh Daddy I’m so GLAD to see you!!”
– I went in to get her up from the night.  “Good morning, Mommy!  I missed you so much!”  She really does have her super sweet moments!  12 hours was a long time away from me, apparently!  I’m glad she missed me. 🙂
– At HEB in the parking lot, she started waving at someone.  Me: “Who are you waving at?”  Becca: “That lady.  She was sad.  Now she’s happy!”  As I looked, the lady was smiling at her and waving back.  I love her heart.
– “Daddy, are you sad?”   Cody: “No, I’m happy.”  Becca: “Well, where’s your happy face?”  She’s definitely picking up on other’s emotions, and wants everyone to be happy. 🙂
– I had a stye in my eye, and was miserable.  She kept noticing me closing my eye/s in pain.  “Mommy, it’s not goodnight time.  It’s goodmorning time.  Does your eye think it’s goodnight time?”  I couldn’t help but chuckle.
– Playing with Grayson in his room – “Broyer, I go get you a car.  I’ll be right back.  Don’t roll over on me.  I’ll be right back.  Ok, broyer?”  A) I love how she says “brother.”  B) Seriously – “don’t roll over on me?”  HAHAHA where does she come up with this stuff?
– I started setting up the PS3 to access Netflix, but hit the wrong button and screen went black.  “Oh no that’s TERRIBLE!” Yup, yup it is.
– “Mommy, where’s my shadow?  It disappeared.  Oh!  There it is!  It reappeared now!”  Amazing to me how just last week she was learning the concept of appeared vs disappeared, and now she understands reappeared and uses it in context appropriately… astounding.

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