Enjoying Christmas Present

Yesterday, I shared with you the first of my “A Christmas Carol” moments with you – Remembering Christmas Past (appropriately on #TBT).  Tomorrow, we’ll be Looking Forward to Christmas Future.  But for today, we’re right here.  Right now.  Enjoying Christmas Present!

I was recently approached by an artist and her team who likes my blog (thanks guys!!) asking if I’d check out their website and see if I’d be willing to share.  Not only was I really impressed by her art (WOW!), I liked the writing prompt – to share photos of family memories at Christmas time.  I decided to take it a step further, and use one of her ornaments to inspire my writing each day of this set.


Meet the Poinsettia Queen!  Isn’t she gorgeous?
This lil hand-crafted beauty is $44 and available here.

Seeing her, I instantly think of Becca.  Her dress is light and airy – just like Becca loves, and she has “magic fairy wands,” which make her super special.  The wings are just the perfect finishing touch.  She’s just Becca.  Through and through.  And this year is super special with Becca.  She’s got such an understanding of giving, and I can’t wait to share with you next week the special gift giving project she’s got for this year.  She also embodies the Spirit of Christmas because of her wonder.  I never get tired of watching her step on the button to turn on the Christmas tree lights.  When they light up, so does she, and there’s just nothing more beautiful than that little face all lit up by Christmas lights and excitement.

Beccas Necklace 2

She enjoyed Christmas morning last year, but THIS year, THIS is the year.  The year that she really understands.  She really gets it.  She knows about giving presents, but she also knows about receiving.  And she also knows about Santa.  She doesn’t have total understanding yet, but she’s starting to “get it,” and we’ll soon be writing a letter to send to Santa.  She’s already started compiling a list of things she wants… and uhh… Santa’s working hard to live up to his reputation of being able to keep track of all those little wishes!

This is the year that our own little Poinsettia Queen will be the star of Christmas morning.  And yet, all at the same time, little brother is celebrating his first Christmas, which is also super exciting!  His awe and amazement looking at the Christmas tree is also a thing of beauty, and the sense of “wow” he had when sitting on the Big Man’s lap was just too priceless.  I’ll treasure that moment forever.

Grayson with Santa

This year as we prepare for Christmas morning and all of the excitement it brings, our hearts are full to bursting.  God has delivered to us two of the most wonderful Christmas presents we could ever wish for in our two precious children.  We want for nothing, and Santa need not bring Mommy or Daddy anything else and our hearts would be content.  The family that we dreamed of, while walking in a “Winter Wonderland,” has come true.  God is so good.

family christmas card pics

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