Wacky Wednesday

“Ribbit ribbit ribbit.  I’m pretending to be a frog.  Are you a big frog?  I’m gonna go ribbit for a minute, ok, Mommy?  I’m on my wiwy pads.”  I’ll miss her cute little “accent” when she can finally pronounce /L/.

“Mommy, you’re a girl.  And I’m a girl.  Daddy’s a boy, just like Brother is a boy.  And George is, well.”  Slight pause. “George is George.”  Yes, yes he is.  George is George.  And we’re fairly certain that at this point he has attained Velveteen Rabbit status, and is now Real.  Love that monkey.  He’s like one of my own kids.  Geez, if anyone had ever told me that my daughter at 2 1/2 would carry around a monkey she’d had since 6 months old and would take the thing EVERYWHERE with her, I would have told them they were crazy.  But George is just… well, he is.  He’s family.  I must admit that I will miss him when he’s not part of our daily life.  Sometimes on days of tantrums and drama, his little smile while being carried around by one hand and thrown over the couch to the floor… his little smile gets me through.  He loves her unconditionally, just like I do, but he doesn’t have a voice to express his frustrations.  He just smiles.  All the time.  I love that about him.  George is George.
Cody: “So what did you do today?”  Becca: “We went to Chicken fil a and we saw Evan and Ms. Amy.  They’re my friends.”  Well, Evan is your friend, and Amy is mine… but I’m glad you love her as much as you do Evan! 
“Oh bless you Bubba!  You just keep sneezin, Little Brother!  You need to swow down!”  Proceeds to sneeze several times herself.  “Oh my goodness!  Mommy now it’s your turn, k?”

“I’m jumping and dancing all about!”

Playing with her penguins: “They’re waiting for the sunset. The sun is gonna go down and then it’s gonna be nighttime.”

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