Taking a Break to Organize

Lest you think I’ve forgotten about blogging, we had a wonderful Christmas with a house truly full of people.  This week is all about organizing and cleaning and putting away Christmas and getting ready for the new year.  So, it’ll be a few days before I write again.  Don’t think I’ve forgotten about my blog… I’m definitely still here, and working on some fabulous things I want to share for the new year.

This January, I plan to:
-Share several free 2015 organizer printables
-Share organizing tips and tricks
-Do several posts on beginning sensory bins for your baby (it’s time to start sensory bins for Grayson!  WOW!)
-Begin doing a weekly STEAM activity post
-Give you the info you need to make your own EPIC calendar to gift to the special people in your family next Christmas… I’ve got plans to re-do what we did this year, but it’s gonna be MUCH easier on me because I’m gonna start in January!  You won’t want to miss this:


This winter/spring I also want to:

-Get Becca actively involved in the gardening process in our flower beds
-Get her into the kitchen more and more to start helping cook dinner
-Start working on setting the table skills with her
-Start reviewing baby sign language with her so that she can help teach Grayson
-Begin a weekly Bible study with her – where we read a story in her Jesus Storybook Bible (aff link) and then do an activity related to that story

In 2015, I also hope to:
-Create more animal activity Biome Boxes for Becca
-Do more experimenting with art
-Find a better way to store toys and puzzles
-Find a better way to organize art supplies

So, yeah, lots running through my head right now.  Gonna take some time off from the blog, and will be back in just a few days with all kinds of fun and ready to hit the ground running for a fabulous 2015!  Be back soon!  In the meantime, make sure you’ve clicked “like” and are following my Facebook page, where I’ll be sharing fabulous articles, links, and activities.  Remember also, Facebook has a weird way of deciding what shows up on your newsfeed, so be sure to visit my page frequently and click “like,” “comment,” or even better, “share” to ensure that my stuff keeps showing up on your newsfeed!

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