The Duck

Becca continues to amaze me with her caring heart. It’s definitely her strongest character trait- to care for others.

So this time, we were at HEB shopping for groceries for the week, and she was being her usual inquisitive self. We were just finishing an in-depth conversation about how/why I pick up the packages of chicken using the little bags so that my fingers don’t touch the pack, when we rounded the corner to the bread aisle. We selected our tortillas and cut back across to the other side of the double-wide aisle, and that’s when she gasped. I followed her gaze, and I knew immediately we had a new friend.

A random shopping cart of stuff needing to be reshelved was in the center of the aisle next to a display of Hostess dessert cakes. And this cute little blue rubber ducky with an orange beak had fallen out of the cart and was all alone on the floor.

“Oh no, Mommy! That poor wittle wubber ducky is all by hisself! He fell out of the cart! He’s crying! Do you hear him crying, Mommy? We have to help him!!”

“Do you think he needs us to find his friends or do you think he found a new friend and should go home with us?”

Her eyes got wide. “Really, Mommy? Can he go home with us? Oh please? He would be so happy with me as his friend.”

All through the store, she talked to him and showed him things, and George sat with his arm around him. I wish I’d taken a picture. When we got to the baby section, we looked for his family so he could say goodbye (her idea), but couldn’t find any other rubber duckies.

“Oh Mommy, he’s the last one! No wonder he was so lonely and scared! I’m so glad we found him and can take him home! He’ll be so happy with me as his friend. I will love him and take care of him and he can play with me and the other rubber duckies every time it’s bath night!”

Once we had paid for him (he rang up a dollar- VERY well spent money!), we headed out to the car. Once inside, she determined that his name is Rainbow. Though I’m not really sure why since he only has two colors on him. But she did leave room for a name change later- “his name is Rainbow. I think. Maybe not. Or so.”

Granted, we wouldn’t be able to have done that had the tiny toy been an expensive doll or a live animal, but I love her sweet heart and the love she has for little helpless things.

Here she is with Rainbow- so proud!

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