Wacky Wednesday

Becca is fascinated by trafic signs, signals, and all road rules. She asks if she can drive at least twice a week. And once she can reach the pedals, she’ll probably be a pretty good driver! Convo this weekend:
Becca- “That’s an upside down triangle, Mommy.”
Me- “Yes, it is. What colors is it?”
Becca- “red and white. It says y-i-e-l-d. What’s that mean?
Me- “Yield means we need to slow down and look for cars coming from the other way and let them go first.”
Becca- “Cuz it’s their turn to go first. Then us can go.”
Me- “Yes, then we can go. But it only pertains to us if we are in that lane. We aren’t turning.”
Becca- “No, we’re going straight. And you can go now, Mommy. It’s green. It’s not red anymore. But that one up there is red so you have to stop up there.”

The car in front of us had a large Cowboy’s star logo and said “Cowboys” on their back window.
Becca- “Oh look! They have a star on their back window. We don’t have a star on our car. Pause But I have hearts on my shoes! And flowers on my shirt!”

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