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Up until this point, my blog has mainly focused on Becca (my butterfly), and preschool learning activities – because that’s what I’ve been in the “thick of” around here.  But, that’s beginning to change as Grayson gets older!  I started sensory bins and learning activities with Becca at 8 months, and Grayson will be 8 months later this month.  Physically, however, he’s much more ready for some of the activities than she was.  So, we’ll be starting slow, but you can look forward to some Baby Bees posts every other Monday for the next few months.

The goal behind these posts is to give moms of babies UNDER 18 months some ideas of what you can do at home other than stare at the four walls!  We’ll also take a look at a couple various learning methods (Montessori and Reggio specifically) and how you can apply these learning methods in your home with your Baby Bee.

I’d also love to get some feedback from you – what ideas do you need?  Are there certain times of the day that are harder to fill than others?  Are you nervous about getting your baby out in nature?  When is the right time to start outdoor play, etc?  Or maybe you want ideas about getting older siblings involved in activities with your Baby Bee?  So many directions I can take this series – and I’d love for you to guide my posts!  Shoot me an email any time at butterbeesandbumbleflies@gmail.com!

The first post will go live next Monday the 19th!  Be sure to check back here then!  (If you’re not already following via email, you can set that up easily by clicking on the link to the right – and be sure to click “like” to follow my Facebook page as well!)


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