Mini Habitat Boxes

mini habitat boxes


Every Tuesday this month, I have shared with you some ideas for various animal habitat boxes.  (Arctic/AntarcticFarmDinosaursOcean)  But what if you don’t have abundant space to store all of these habitats?  And what if you don’t have a million storage containers big enough for everything that I showed?

That’s where these MINI Habitat Boxes come in!  Simply using a small Ziploc box, or even a washed out lunchmeat container (hello, recycling and FREE!), you can make a fun habitat box.  Whether it’s a Serengeti refuge for just four safari animals, or a woodland retreat for five, these mini habitat boxes can provide just as much fun for your kids, while making it possible to have even more variety stored in a smaller amount of space!  You could also create two different mini boxes from the same Toob of animals so that siblings could have their own habitat boxes to play in.

Shown in these boxes are a combination of animals from a variety of Toobs that haven’t already been placed into sensory boxes.  I love it that we bought several Toobs and combined them all into one big bag so that when I want to make a box, I can just go and sift through and see what we have available.  You can find the animals shown above in these Toobs (affiliate links – thank you for your purchases!):

Safari Ltd Pets TOOB

Safari Ltd Big Cats TOOB

Safari Ltd Wild TOOB

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