Whew.  I’m really not sure where the past couple of weeks have gone.  I am NOT a night owl, but I’m writing this at currently 10:37pm CST on Sunday night.  I have one post done for this week – Friday’s Fun with Art segment was super super fun and it’s ready to post.  The rest of this coming week?  Well, this past week was super busy in our house, and it’s been one of those weeks where I have met myself coming back.  My sweetheart helped me conquer the literal mountain of laundry this weekend, and somehow between the two of us, the 8 (or was it 9?) loads got washed, dried, folded/hung, and put away.  There are clean dishes all over one counter, a dishwasher full of more clean dishes, and a sink overflowing with dirty dishes.  This is what I get for cooking all weekend long.  I have great aspirations for the upcoming week because it seems to be a tad slower than last week and hopefully will give me some time to catch my breath.  I love living a busy life, because I am an extrovert, after all… and it’s good for me to be out and about and involved in lots of things.  But, down time is wonderful too, and I’m looking forward to time to get my kitchen back in order (before hopefully baking a bunch of cookies tomorrow afternoon), and to do some more fabulous projects with Becca to share with you.  Because honestly, last week was  a whole bunch of playing with trains, playing outside, and watching tv.  Which is good.  Because if I had had to do much in the way of projects last week I probably would have pulled all my hair out.  Grayson is crawling EVERYWHERE and is into EVERYTHING now!!  So yeah, ya know… Whew.  Love my babies.  Love my job.  Love being a work at home mom.  Love my hubby and our home.  But whew.  Looking forward to loving being home and getting it clean this week.  Like really clean.  I might even wipe down the blinds in our bedroom.  Because I’m pretty sure the dust has been there oh, since the day we moved in… and might be contributing to my allergy issues… yeah.  Whew.

This post has been the true definition of a rambling.  But I take the time every now and then to post these because I want you to know I’m real.  My house regularly chews me up and spits me out.  And that’s just the house.  The kids regularly chew and spit – all over me.  (Well, one of them does anyway.  Thank the Lord the other one is past that phase.  Altho as soon as I type this I know she’ll end up sick and throwing up all over me and I’ll live to regret that comment… ha!)

Whew.  So.  Enjoy your week.  Enjoy my Fun with Art post on Friday.  And please please please, wonder on over to my Facebook page and check out my daily book share at noon each day, and do follow my posts because seriously, Facebook’s selection of who sees what on their timeline really sucks.

Have a great week!  I’ll be back next week with some fun stuff you’re sure to love.  Or my name isn’t “Mommy, I’m hungry!”  “Mommy, can I have a snack?”  “Ma – ma – ba – ba – mih – mih”  “WAAAAAA”

Everybody eats.  Seriously folks, everybody eats in this house.

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I am a SPED Paraprofessional who is mom to three beautiful children, a wife to a fabulous man, and blessed beyond compare!

2 thoughts on “Whew.”

  1. Haha! My week was like that last week too! On Friday, I crazy cleaned because we were having company over and I thought “Surely, that much cleaning will last a few days.” It’s already messy again, though. Oh well. We live here 🙂
    I love your real-ness! Thanks!


    1. Oh yeah, I’m as real as they come. And I’m really excited about some of the projects we’ve been doing this week… just hoping for time this weekend to blog about them so I have some posts for next week!! Where has this week gone? Seriously.


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