Coffee Art


I recently learned from a friend the benefits of adding used coffee grounds to the soil in my flower beds – the nitrogen really helps enrich the soil.  And, I had a bunch of old coffee that I had found in the back of my fridge that I had just stuck in the pantry thinking I’d do something with it someday.  So, rather than take the time and put the wear on my coffee maker to make up like 10 pots of coffee, I just dumped the grounds into a tin carton and added some hot water.  Then I got to thinking – I bet this would make some really cool coffee “stains” on white paper.  So, I strained a little of the water off, and Becca and I used Pipettes (aff link – thank you!) at the easel to drip the coffee down onto the paper.  And the result was really cool.  We had a blast.  And as a bonus, it smelled good!

mar13 coffee art

I think we’ll probably use one of these sheets for our September or maybe November page background in our 2016 Calendar, and they’ll also work neat for little pieces of our collages throughout the calendar as well.  Are you working on art for your calendar?  I’d love to see pictures of what you are coming up with!  Please share – and you might get featured on our Wednesday guest posts!

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