Measuring with Duplos

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I’m excited to share that our Tuesday Mini-Series for April is “Marvelous Math!”  We do so many fun math activities that I just never have time to share them all on STEAM Thursdays… so this month every Tuesday will have a different fun math activity!  I definitely have a little math lover growing up under my nose… so I’m learning to really encourage that by doing some fun activities with her!  I hope you’ll enjoy this month of Tuesdays!

Quite a long time ago, I was super super active on Pinterest.  Like an every day, multiple hours a day user.  So I have a vast library of pins (over 4100) that make an awesome resource for me when I’m willing to take the time to sift through and find what I’m looking for.  (That’s why sometimes I just tell you – I know the idea came from someone else, but I just can’t find the source.)  Well, so anyway, a couple weeks ago, I sat down and sifted through my Lego Learning board, where I saw this idea from Anna at The Imagination Tree (I love her blog!).  I stored it away in my brain, and shared it with a dear friend.  So one day when I had very little inspiration to do anything with “school,” I texted Naomi and said “tell me what I should do!!!  I’m lost!”  And she gave me some ideas.  Measuring with Duplos was one of them, and it was perfect for that moment.

So, I whipped up a little worksheet for us to record our findings on, gathered up some items for us to measure, and the activity began!  Becca had so much fun with her Duplo ruler, that she kept wanting to measure more and more!  So, I made another recording sheet – this time to take a longer ruler outside to measure things in our yard.  She LOVED getting outside, and was soon trying to measure all kinds of things that weren’t on our recording sheet.  So, I created another recording sheet for her using more household items found in our kitchen.  And we went to town once again.  I’m telling you, folks, this girl LOVES to measure!  She’ll be ready for a real ruler very soon.

apr 7 measuring with duplos


She was so funny about measuring the swing, though.  I purposefully put something on there to measure the width… that I knew was longer than her Duplo ruler.  I wanted to see what she would do.  She got frustrated.  And just told me to record “too many” as to how many Duplos wide the swing is… We have since talked about other things that are longer than her ruler and how to place her finger or another object to mark where the end of the ruler is, and move it to continue counting.  That’s still a concept that is fairly challenging for her.  We’ll continue to work on it!

The best part about all of this?  I’m sharing my recording sheets with you!  Obviously, feel free to record your own, and please share with us in the comments what your kids love to measure!

Click here to download the FREE PDF document with three recording sheets.
Please note – all of the photos used on these recording sheets were just copied over from Google images.

Did you like this activity?  Please pin the photo to your own Pinterest boards, share this post on Facebook, etc!  I do these things with Becca to enhance her learning, but I share them with you to hopefully inspire you and your kids to keep learning!  If it does inspire you, please pass it on and inspire someone else! 🙂

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