Kitchen Brush Flowers


We have the wonderful blessing of living on the edge of the Texas Hill Country.  The wildflowers this time of year are just incredible!  A while back, I got this cute little piggy kitchen brush at Dollar Tree for Becca, but I wasn’t sure just how I wanted her to use it.  Then I got to thinking what awesome paintings it would make… and the Mountain Laurels also inspired me!  So, I drew “bark” onto the paper, and then she had a blast dabbing green paint and then lavender paint, making her very own Mountain Laurel paintings!  You could easily do this with green and then any color to mimic any flowering bushes that you might have in your own yard.  I can also imagine it’d be great for fall colors as well – red and yellow would look incredible “stamped” this way to make fall trees!  Or, just use the kitchen brush to dab colors around on the paper and make a lovely collage just perfect for the background of one of your 2016 calendar pages!  So many fun options when you paint with a kitchen brush!!
apr 10 kitchen brush flowers

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