This One’s For The Moms

I wanted to take a moment to stop and tell you about some moms I know.  You might know them too.  One of them might even be you.  

There is a mom.  She only ever wanted one blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl.  And God granted her that wish.  She always loved her baby girl fiercly, and she was always there.  She was a rock through every storm.  She’d always listen, always love, always be a shoulder to cry on.  Always.

There is a mom.  She had two beautiful babies with the love of her life.  Only one day he changed.  Drastically.  Angrily.  Violently.  So she did what she had to do to protect her babies.  Now they live in a much smaller house on a single income.  She is the strongest mom I know.  She has no regrets and claims her children are her reason for living.  She always listens, always loves, and is always a shoulder to cry on.  Always.

There is a mom.  She works hard for her family.  Every day she drops her baby girl off at day care and tells her she loves her.  She puts 250% of herself into her job, and when the clock strikes 5:00 she isn’t always the first to leave.  She’s carrying another baby now, and will work just as hard for that baby as she does for big sister.  She’ll always be there to listen, always love them both, always be a shoulder to cry on.  Always.

There is a mom.  She goes to school every weekday at a special school so that her son can be there with her.  She didn’t plan to get pregnant at 14.  But life happened.  And now her baby boy is almost three, and she’s about to graduate from high school.  She has worked hard so she can get a good job to provide for his future.  She’ll always be there to listen, always there to love him, always be his shoulder to cry on.  Always.

There is a mom.  She raised her children and loved her husband with everything in her being.  And then one day last winter, that love wasn’t enough to keep him from passing through Heaven’s gates.  She struggled, she learned to lean on her adult daughter.  She learned to lean on God.  And then she heard the unthinkable words.  Breast cancer.  Now she’s learning that her daughter will always be there to listen, always be there to love her, always be her shoulder to cry on.  Always.

Whether you are a new mom, or a grandma who’s had that title for years, Mother’s Day is a day for celebrating you.  Whether your mom is on this Earth, or in Heaven, it’s a day to say thank you.  I have so many beautiful friends who are amazing, amazing mothers.  They inspire me daily and keep me going.

I am not a patient person.  I sometimes start projects and lose steam and never finish them.  I’m too organized in some areas and not organized enough in others.  I’m probably way too quick to put my kids in their rooms to entertain themselves.  I can’t process laundry and dishes in their entirity in the same day.  I’m doing good if I vacuum once every couple weeks, and mop once a month.  If the toilets are clean, an act of Congress must have been passed unanimously.

But I love my children.  Unconditionally.  I make mistakes but I fight for their well being.  And I have learned from each of the moms in my life that THAT is what matters.  We each mother our kids a little differently, but each of us is mothering a little bit different child.  The “Mommy Wars” are pointless because every single one of us has one thing in common:

No matter what we believe or how we live our lives or raise our kids, we are all moms.  Whether that baby is 1/2 of our genetic makeup, or is none of our genetic makeup, a mom is a mom is a mom is a mom.

So here’s to you, moms!  This day isn’t about our differences, it’s about that precious job title we all have, and that bond that brings us together with our children- be they young or old.  Being a mom is a beautiful gift.  One to be cherished.  So if no one has told you lately, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.  YOU ARE AMAZING.  YOU ARE HEAVEN SENT.  YOU ARE CHERISHED.  YOU ARE.  YOU ARE MOM.



Author: Mrs. H

I am a SPED Teacher who is mom to three beautiful children, a wife to a fabulous man, and blessed beyond compare!

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  1. Wonderful tribute to moms everywhere, Christy!…and beautifully written!

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