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I love my family.  We’re beautiful.  We look alike.  We get compliments on how cute our kids are.  And I love to show on Facebook and on this blog how wonderful we are.  But ya’ll, this is Wednesday, and this is a “From the Heart” post.  Which tells you I’m about to GET REAL on ya.  Lookout.  We ARE beautiful sometimes.  We do look alike when we smile.  We have adorably cute looking kids.  BUT OMG THEY ARE SO REAL.  I made the mistake of looking at Pinterest before our family photo shoot at our home this past Saturday.  HA!  What all those Pinterest family photo ideas show you is this:family pics collage


They show you beautiful, happy children doing sweet things, and those awesome walking away pictures where no-one has a huge butt.  They show you naturally posed photos inside a clean home with a child happily showing off her playhouse.  They show you giggles.  They show you smiles and seriously gorgeous, stunning shots.  And yes, we ended up with a few of those for our hour of steaming hot, bug-bitten, whine-infested, toddler-tantrum, baby crying photo session.  So it’s time to take off the filter, ya’ll.  It’s time for our Gone REAL photos.  Ya know, the ones I didn’t even save onto my computer from the memory stick because, well, this needs to be the only place they are ever recorded…  So here they are.  Recorded here for posterity, and never again.  Because we are REAL.  They aren’t Gone WRONG.  Because ya know, kids are kids.  They aren’t wrong.  It WAS hot.  It WAS miserable.  And it’s hard at one and almost three to understand why your crazy mother wants pictures in matching outfits in the summer heat anyway.  (By the end, I was questioning my sanity once again, for the millionth time this month…)blooper reel

1. Seriously, posing on your front porch can be awesome if your almost-three year old THINKS it’s awesome… if not, well…
2. Somehow Mommy and Daddy were always looking at the camera… the kids?  Well…
3. Yes, more than once Mommy had to bribe Boo to get into the picture… and then in the end, she didn’t get to play in her lil pool after all because she just threw one too many fits.
4. The full-on butt shot.  Need I say more?  Wow.  More weight to go to reach my goal!  (I seriously had grilled chicken and broccoli for lunch while typing this post.  I’m tryin’ ya’ll.)
5. Yeah.  So laying on the floor with our heads together?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
6. Hey Becca, why don’t you sit in your rocking chair and read a book for a picture?
7. This would be a great candid shot if, oh, ya know, the room was clean…
8. Really Mom?  Is all this necessary?  (I have a feeling I’m gonna see this look a LOT in his life.)

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