Ode to the Diaper

Keeping true to my word that this week will focus on our baby/toddler bees, I thought what better to talk about in my “From the Heart” post than the elephant in the room… Ya know, the big stinky thing that you can’t help but notice anytime you walk into the bathroom despite whatever fabulous brand of diaper pail/bucket/deodorizer/sanitizer/room freshener you own.  The elephant… Aka the diaper.

Be they cloth, plastic for swim, Pampers, Huggies, or good ole HEB brand, they have graced our home for over three years now.  They started out small.  Tiny.  And actually kind of cute.  And they have grown.  With the children, who have also grown… But who are both still using them.  We have used regular, night absorbancy, pull-ups, slip-ons, and yes, even the aforementioned cloth in attempt to contain the waste that continually seems to flow from both of our little treasure-to-trash composting systems.

I’m not fond of diapers.  It’s so much easier to just flush the waste away.  The smell.  The wiping.  The diaper rashes.  The smell.  The constant use of diaper pail bags.  The smell.  Did I mention- the smell?

I think I might be close to freedom- from one child at least.  She’s finally seeing SOME success on the potty, and enjoying getting stickers on her sticker chart for using it.  It’s still us as parents who remember to place her on the potty, but we’re getting closer.  And I know one day I’ll look back and laugh…

Ode to the Diaper
Oh diaper, Oh dear
I smell you again, I fear.
Time to change has come once more.
And when the shelf is empty, we’ll trudge back to the store.

Oh diaper, Oh dear
I smell you again, I fear.
Can it really be that he’s already dirty?
Can she really have been THAT squirty?

Oh diaper, Oh dear
I pray your end is so near!

Author: Mrs. H

I am a SPED Teacher who is mom to three beautiful children, a wife to a fabulous man, and blessed beyond compare!

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