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So you’re looking for something quick and easy to throw together this week as a gift from the kids to mom… or for grandmom.  Or maybe your next door neighbor went above and beyond and now you feel obligated to return the gifting…

This is super easy, and you may have the supplies in your house already!  To give all the credit where credit is due, I’m linking HERE over to the original post where I got the recipe – you can get the recipe from her. 🙂

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If you like my jars, I found them at my local Hobby Lobby for $1.99 each.
One note I will make from the original poster – her recipe was not enough to fill one of my jars – we made a double recipe to begin with, and it filled a jar and a half.  So go into this with an open mind about how much coconut oil you’re going to need.  We got blessed/lucky/whatever and had the exact amount of coconut oil to make the four jars we needed for gifts, but when you’re shopping/prepping supplies, just make sure you have plenty of coconut oil.

Another tip for the coconut oil – if it’s too cold it’ll be hard to scoop from the jar, so you can zap it in the microwave for 15-20 seconds to loosen it up a tad.

And to make it easier to put into the jars without making a mess, I used my medium size cookie scoop (from Pampered Chef), which fit easily inside the mouth of the jar so I could drop the scrub directly into the bottom of the jar without getting it everywhere.

Becca loved stirring, and doing the math to help me double the recipe.  She helped me count the drops of essential oils to add in, and got more than a tad frustrated with me when we got an extra drop of lavender in at one point. 😉  She sat with me as I got on the computer and designed the labels, and she helped type the words “Mommy” and “Becca”.

All in all, this gets recorded in the books as a super easy, wonderful gift idea that we’ll be repeating in the future!  I’m looking forward to trying some other oils as well, to make different scents.

Side note, as I’m always trying to raise awareness for hidden disabilities – Becca has anosmia (the lack of sense of smell), so I told her this smells really good – what did she think it would smell like?  She decided that if it smelled good, it must smell like peanut butter.  Because peanut butter is her favorite creamy thing, and this is creamy.  The glow on her face as she told me what she imagined it smelled like transported me to a different world.  She’ll never know what lavender and peppermint smell like.  But in her mind, she has happy things she can equate to various things, and the beauty of her disability is that everything smells pleasant in her mind.  She’ll never dread the smell of a skunk, or wrinkle her nose as she carries out the trash.  Blissful ignorance.  It’s hard for me as her mom to see the positives in this disability, but seeing her smile today as she said it smelled like peanut butter… made me smile, too.  Because I know she’s happy with her imagination.  Never take for granted the abilities you have – someone, somewhere in the world, can’t do what you can do.

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