“Little Blue Truck”

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I’m so excited to share today’s book with you.  It’s one that Becca and I discovered in our small town library back when she was about 6 months old.  Not long after we had checked it out for the fourth or fifth time, I mentioned how much she loved it to a friend, who told me about the sequel… and my mom caught wind of the conversation and sent us both books for our own collection!  Now Gray loves them, and he even has the “Beep-Along-Book,” which is super fun!

Little Blue Truck

The thing we love most about the Little Blue Truck books by Alice Schertle and Jill McElmurry is the cadence.  They are just FUN to read, and fun to listen to.  The illustrations are gorgeous, and both kids love how the back page of the Christmas book lights up!  So if you haven’t read about Little Blue Truck, his helpful heart and his friendly spirit, you HAVE to check out these books!  Or maybe you have and didn’t know there are other books?  There are several!  Check them out in the convenient link list below!

I’m also excited to see that their latest – Little Blue Truck’s Halloween – is now available for pre-order on Amazon!  Woot woot!  Doesn’t it look like a fun book?  And with flaps!!!!  I can’t wait!  Amazon says it’ll be out in July!


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Little Blue Truck (board book)

Little Blue Truck (Kindle edition)

Little Blue Truck (Hardcover)

Little Blue Truck (Paperback)

Little Blue Truck Leads The Way (board book)

Little Blue Truck Leads The Way (Kindle edition)

Little Blue Truck Leads The Way (Hardcover)

Little Blue Truck Leads The Way (Paperback)

Little Blue Truck’s Beep-Along-Book (board book with squeaky plush truck)

Little Blue Truck’s Christmas (Hardcover)

Little Blue Truck’s Christmas (Kindle edition)

Little Blue Truck Farm Sticker Fun (Paperback)

Little Blue Truck 8.5″ stuffed toy

Pre-Order Little Blue Truck’s Halloween (board book)


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