Do-a-Dot Butterflies!



As you know from reading any of my posts here (or as you could probably gather from my blog title) butterflies are big around our house.  Becca has been fascinated with butterflies from a young age, and we love to do butterfly activities.  So yes, I realize that we are stuck in the dead of winter making butterflies… but what does it hurt to dream of spring a little – even if it is January?  Plus, the awesome thing is, you can do this Do-a-Dot art and use it not for butterflies, but for your 2016 calendar!!  Not sure what I’m talking about because you just happened to stumble across this post?  Well, welcome!  And check out the info on how to make your own fabulous 2016 calendar over here.

do a dot butterflies

Here’s what you’ll need:


coffee filters (whatever size you have on hand – we used the 4 cup ones)
clothespins (if you’re just doing the art, not making the butterfly craft, you don’t need these)
a squirt bottle with water
Do-A-Dot markers  (We have this set:Do A Dot Art Marker Brilliant 6-pack aff link)
Activity trays (or a really good plastic table cloth would work too- but the markers DO bleed through the coffee filters – esp when they get wet)

First, you’ll make your dots, then as soon as you’ve made all your dots, spray the filter with water.  Watch the marker spread!

IMG_2643 IMG_2644


To make the butterfly craft, simply pinch the filters in your clothespins, draw little faces, and hang your butterflies on some fishing line or attach to a photo frame, so they appear to be flying!  We hung ours on our art display wall – they are just waiting to help hold up some fabulous art this year!

 IMG_2649 IMG_2650

Clothespin Painting


Last week you may have read about our calendar art.  (If not, be sure to go back and read that post!)  So today I’ve got the first of many Friday “Fun with Art” posts for you that will give you some fun ideas for making your own calendar art.

For this activity, you’ll need a few clothespins, some paint, some thick textured card stock paper (I like to use it for painting b/c it’ll stand up to the liquid better than regular paper), and some random textured materials.


I found a large pom pom, a paper rose, some tulle, some burlap cording, some ribbon, and some felt.  Just scrunch those items into your clothespins, and you’re good to go!  We used pink, white, and purple paint on dark red paper – perfect for using with our February collage for the calendar.  Becca enjoyed seeing the differences in what happened when she would dab the paintbrush vs dragging it across the paper.  We each ended up doing two whole sheets.  I like to do art alongside her so that she’ll get different ideas about how to use the materials, but also so that she’ll see me enjoying art, which encourages her to want to do more.



Here’s our finished products!

Next week, I’ll be sharing the other type of art that we’re using for our February collage.  Remember – I won’t be sharing the finished collages until after Christmas – and would love for you to share yours with me throughout the year for me to post as well – when we share ours at the end of the year.  You can email me anytime at

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The Christmas Gift They’ll Be Talking About All Year

We all want to be the one that gifts THAT gift – the one that is truly enjoyed ALL year long.  The one that doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.  And, if you’re a mom like me, you want it to be something that your kids had a hand in making.  When I finished making our 2015 calendar in November (the day before Thanksgiving, literally… I was down to the wire, ya’ll…), I told my mom and my bff… “friends don’t let friends make a calendar like this EVER again.”  And “don’t EVER let me think I can do this kind of project again.  I might go crazy.”  So why am I sharing this EPIC project here, and already saying I’m doing one again this year?

Because it’s January.  And by starting NOW on this project, I have the whole year to get it done!!  (Thanks, Mom and Rena for the encouragement to do this again!!!)  And so do you.  And the best part for you – I’ll be giving you various art ideas all year as we do them, so you’ll be able to follow along right behind us and make your own amazing, EPIC calendar for 2016!

Inspired by artist/author Eric Carle, we did a wide variety of art – painting, chalks, markers, etc on sheets of textured card stock, and then I cut the papers to make a collage for each month.  Becca helped glue the pieces down, and selected Washi tape for each picture.  (She’s a little Washi obsessed… just like Mommy.)  Then, I scanned each picture into my computer, and printed the pictures out on our color printer.  By scanning, I was able to make an awesome cover, which has a preview of each month.  Then I printed out calendar blanks and typed up a sheet that explains what type of art is included on each collage.  I used photo splits to attach the sheets to each other (fronts to backs), then laminated and comb bound each calendar.

Here are some close-up photos to give you some ideas for your 2016 calendar!  Plus, later this year, I’ll share a FREE printable set of 2016 calendar blanks, so you don’t even have to worry about creating those – just start working on your art, and I’ll help walk you through creating this calendar for the important folks in your kids’ lives!

Plus, throughout the year, as we do our art, I’ll give you ideas for how to modify this activity to involve more than one child – so don’t think you have to worry about making a calendar from each child!  There are ways to make some months be a collage of art from each child, and then also making certain months especially just from one specific child in your family (perfect if they don’t share the same birthday month – let them be the star of their own month!)  And yes, baby Grayson will be taking part in making the art for 2016.  (Again, I may be slightly off my rocker… but I think it’ll be worth it in the end!!)

SO – check back next Friday for your first art project… we’re ready to make our February collage, and so are you!  (Yes, we may not do our collages in order… we’re full force excited about Valentine’s Day around here… so we’ve got February done already!)

Please note – due to the fact that the family members who will receive our calendar read my blog, we’ll give you art ideas and show photos of our sheets of painted paper, but will not be posting photos of the finished collages.  Gotta keep something a surprise for Christmas! (And I want you guys to be original in your collage ideas…)  Next January, I’ll be asking for photos of your finished calendars… and feel free to share your photos of completed activities you’ve done inspired by my blog ANYTIME by sending me an email: Please be sure to put on your email if I can share your photos on my Facebook page.


IMG_0589 IMG_0591   IMG_0590 IMG_0582IMG_0583 IMG_0586IMG_0588 IMG_0585IMG_0581 IMG_0587IMG_0584 IMG_0580