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As you know from reading any of my posts here (or as you could probably gather from my blog title) butterflies are big around our house.  Becca has been fascinated with butterflies from a young age, and we love to do butterfly activities.  So yes, I realize that we are stuck in the dead of winter making butterflies… but what does it hurt to dream of spring a little – even if it is January?  Plus, the awesome thing is, you can do this Do-a-Dot art and use it not for butterflies, but for your 2016 calendar!!  Not sure what I’m talking about because you just happened to stumble across this post?  Well, welcome!  And check out the info on how to make your own fabulous 2016 calendar over here.

do a dot butterflies

Here’s what you’ll need:


coffee filters (whatever size you have on hand – we used the 4 cup ones)
clothespins (if you’re just doing the art, not making the butterfly craft, you don’t need these)
a squirt bottle with water
Do-A-Dot markers  (We have this set:Do A Dot Art Marker Brilliant 6-pack aff link)
Activity trays (or a really good plastic table cloth would work too- but the markers DO bleed through the coffee filters – esp when they get wet)

First, you’ll make your dots, then as soon as you’ve made all your dots, spray the filter with water.  Watch the marker spread!

IMG_2643 IMG_2644


To make the butterfly craft, simply pinch the filters in your clothespins, draw little faces, and hang your butterflies on some fishing line or attach to a photo frame, so they appear to be flying!  We hung ours on our art display wall – they are just waiting to help hold up some fabulous art this year!

 IMG_2649 IMG_2650

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