July Photo Challenge – Day 9


july 9 eyes


My dear sweet blue-eyed girl doesn’t want to sit still today for pictures, so I caught my sleepy brown-eyed girl willing to pose (sort of) once I sat down on the bed and woke her up from her nap… 🙂  Love those bright brown eyes.  Such a sweet puppy girl.  Hard to believe she’ll be 5 next month!

July Photo Challenge – Day 8


July 8 water

I LOVE my new shower head… so of course, when I thought of water, I thought of the shower. 🙂  Had a hard time capturing a shot that really showed the water well, so it took quite  a bit of playing around with it to get the water to stand out like this.  Learned some new stuff about my photo editing software. 🙂


July Photo Challenge – Day 7


july 7 animal

I couldn’t decide exactly how I wanted to do this picture, but I knew that I wanted it to be something to do with Becca’s stuffed animals… so when she started loading them onto her little push-cart, it was just too perfect!  She’s so proud that she can walk her little cart around now – and she left a trail of stuffed animals in her wake as they would fall off the sides!  These few survived the ride!  So, you’ve got there an elephant, a teddy bear, a bunny rabbit, a puppy dog, and the bluish purple foot toward the bottom is another bunny rabbit.  This baby girl has not only gotten her own special stuffed animals, but inherited lots of mommy and daddy’s stuffed animals from when we were kids!

July Photo Challenge – Day 5


July 5 - Jewelry

I didn’t used to be a bracelet wearer.  Then something changed.  I’m not sure what it was, but maybe something about my sweet husband getting me this angel bracelet from James Avery for Christmas 2011 – to watch over me and our unborn baby.  Then, I started my charm bracelet Christmas 2012, and it’s now complete!  Each charm has special meaning in my life, and these two bracelets have become my two favorite pieces of jewelry (other than my wedding rings, of course! 🙂

july 5 jewelry2