July Photo Challenge – Day 4



This morning I couldn’t quite decide what trees to photograph. Should I go on the upstairs deck to shoot the valley? Take a walk on our nature trail? Shoot the view from our bedroom window? But instead, I decided to in a small way pay hommage to my little girl- by taking a picture of her favorite clump of trees- the ones in the front yard where her swing hangs. Many a wonderful day has been passed swinging in that swing, attached to those strong, sturdy branches- sheltered from the hot sun by their bold, green leaves. So for their loyalty to my girl, these trees got selected. 🙂

July Photo Challenge – Day 3


July 3 - Clock

I often tease Cody about his variety of watches for various purposes, but in all honesty, I think each one is pretty cool… and his dive watch is my favorite.  So I went this morning and took pictures of our really cool grandfather clock, but I just wasn’t pleased with them… and then I thought of his watches, and I think this shot turned out pretty cool.

July Photo Challenge – Day 2


July 2 - Window

I looked at lots of windows in our house to take a picture of, and for me, this wasn’t so much about the view out of the window, as the window itself.  I love our front door – and there’s something so amazing to me about cut glass.  It’s a work of art AND a window, and an homage to our Lone Star State all at the same time.

July Photo Challenge – Day 1

So a while back, I came across a 30 day photo challenge and I saved it, because I knew that July would be the perfect month for it.  (On the 31st, I’ll re-post my favorite picture from the month).

Day 1 – Flower


I never cease to be amazed by the succulents we have planted in our front flower beds.  If I could afford a carpet of them, I’d do it.  These buds are just gorgeous!  I’m just waiting for the day when they feel it’s time to open!