Oct 18- Outside

Today we went to Trader’s Village to see the Native American dancers, and had a great time! The dancers were super talented, and Becca loved watching them! We also let her ride a couple of the rides. Cody took her on the carousel and train, and since she loved the carousel so much, we went on the carousel again- she and I.
Super fun! But, it was outside… And 86+, and very little breeze… Didn’t feel like fall at all. Sigh. We have two seasons here in South Texas: 1. Summer. 2. One month of all the rest of the seasons.


Oct 15- Clock

I have a couple of friends from Sydney, and a friend from Nairobi, so when I thought of “clock”, I thought of the clock I check most often- my world clock. I look at it to see what time it is where they are so I know when they’ll be able to respond! I love my world clock!
(And ironically for the two in Sydney, this photo wasn’t taken on Oct 15 at all…)