The “Boofwy” Room is Done!

Becca has now been in her “big girl” room for about a week and a half, and she LOVES it!  So far we’ve had no inkling of her wanting to move back downstairs.  I think that’s thanks in part to the gobs of butterflies I put up everywhere.  She loves “boofwys.”  And it’s so cute to go in to get her in the mornings and see her big smiling face as she says “boofwys mornin!”  HA!  Love this girl.

Here’s a couple pics of her new “boofwy” room.  There are also butterflies on the wall not shown, and I got butterfly window clings.  I can’t take credit for the saying – I found it online – but I did paint the canvases and attach all the letters that I cut with my Cricut!  The butterflies were also made on the Cricut – with the “Create a Critter” cartridge.  We painted one accent wall a light green, and then left the rest of the room with the regular color of the rest of the walls in the house.




30 hours… of famine

Friday night and a large portion of Saturday, I had the opportunity to be a part of something special. The youth from our church combined with the youth from another church in town for a lock-in – with a purpose.

It started for the kids right after their lunch at school on Friday. That’s when they began their 30-hour journey to get a small taste (or lack thereof) of what it’s like to truly be hungry. They would not eat again until dinner on Saturday. They gathered at the church, where they joined in worship, and got to know the kids from the other congregation.


After worship, they were divided into “tribes” and each given a card with a photo and information about a hungry child from their newly “adopted” South American country of either Brazil, Colombia, Peru, or Ecuador. Then the tribes completed a series of challenges, which ranged from answering questions about a child they heard about to wheelbarrow relay races that tested their strength, endurance, and teamwork. Also in the evening were several juice/water breaks to help them stay hydrated, some Bible study time, and some time to just hang out and have fun… All before lights out just before midnight.


Saturday morning came way too early for many of the girls, but this mama was glad to get off the couch and get my stiff legs and back moving! Hey, at least it was a nice couch, and I wasn’t on the floor with the girls and other female sponsors! Lots of love and hugs to all of them for understanding my need for cushions. 🙂

“Breakfast” Saturday for the kids consisted of juice boxes and Sunny D, which was then followed by a rousing game of “crab soccer”, and a (no doubt for the youth) amusing crabwalk race among the sponsors. Yup, Mommy and Grayson raced right along with everyone else, and set an excellent example of how to gracefully come in…
Last place. (I still say they should have given me a 30 second lead… I probly still would have lost! Ha!) It was a blast! We then watched a very interesting documentary about hunger right here in the US, and heard from a young man who now lives in San Antonio who grew up in Boutan and Nepal, and was rescued from a refugee camp in Nepal and brought to the US for assylum. This man, HE knows what it is to be hungry.

Even as their heads began to ache, my tummy (and little one) began to complain. You see, I ate dinner Friday night before going to the church, and ate a tiny breakfast Saturday morning, but I did my own fast- and with the kids, did not eat lunch.

So, we took our now grumbling, achy bodies, and loaded up in the church van and my car and headed to the San Antonio food bank, where we spent three hours of volunteer service. Part of our group worked in the garden pulling weeds, raking, etc. and the other part worked sorting food. I was a food sorter. Pallets of donated food would appear behind us, we’d take a box, and sort thru it- checking the expiration dates and throwing out items that were busted open or too far past their life expectancy. A few of the girls from our group worked right with me- I’d sort the box, and then they would haul the items to the appropriate pallets on the other side- to be boxed with like items. Despite the fact that at this point they had gone over 24 hours without food, they worked tirelessly. They’d help me lift boxes to the table to sort that were too heavy, help me sort, then haul it all away- and even throw away the nasty trash that appeared a few times. They were really hard workers, and I’m very proud of all we accomplished together! We were a small part of a very large group of volunteers that over the course of those three hours processed 35,578 pounds of food (27,975 meals)!!!


I went home from there, but the kids went back to church and competed in more tribal competitions, and ended their time with dinner and more fellowship together.

I’m so proud of these kids for taking the step to broaden their horizons- and for also raising money to help those who are hungry. What a wonderful weekend it was!

Overheard Storytelling

When I was a teacher, one of my favorite things was to overhear one student “reading” to another- retelling in their own words what was happening in the pictures. It’s the beginning stages of literacy development, and a step on the road to becoming a reader.

So of course, nothing warms my heart more as a mom than hearing Becca “read” to her stuffed animals. As I do every day, we read books in storytime and then I put those same books in her crib with her for nap. She typically “reads” either aloud or quietly for about 15-20 minutes before falling asleep, and again for 20-30 minutes after waking up.

Today’s book of choice as I walked out of the room was The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle. It’s a favorite of mine, and has become a favorite of hers, which I think is awesome. Here was the convo I overheard:
Ok, Dorge! Hungee wyerm (worm). Heya egg. Weaf (leaf). Moon. POP! Sun. Hungee hungee hungee eat eat eat. Owange! Cheh pie (cheery pie). Taustage. Weaf. Nigh night. BOOFWY! (Butterfly).

If you know the story, I’m sure her retelling made you smile, as it did me. Love this girl. So much.

Becca’s love affair with Eggo and Jimmy Dean

At some point, I wish I remembered the date (I may have it somewhere), Becca ate her first Eggo Nutrigrain Blueberry Waffle. And it was love at first bite. She doesn’t like syrup- she prefers them just toasted and plain. And I oblige. Most mornings her breakfast consists of waffles and something. Waffles and fruit, waffles and eggs, waffles and fruit and eggs, etc. And then one day she had her first bite of a Jimmy Dean breakfast turkey sausage patty. Which has lead to morning conversations like the one this morning, which tops them all:

Me: Let’s go eat breakfast- your waffle is ready.
Becca: nana?
Me: Yes, you can have a banana.
Becca: taustidge?
Me: Yes, you can have sausage. How many pieces do you want? (I usually ask do you want one or two- most times she wants two)
Becca: five.

The crazy thing is, I know she fully understands the concept of the quantity “five”. This silly girl. She sure loves her Eggos… And her Jimmy Dean. I think we need to make an advertising deal. I bet Jimmy Dean would sell a whole lot more turkey sausage if this cute blonde bed-head in footy pjs was telling everyone she wants five pieces of their “taustidge.” Ha!


The Girl Loves Her Cat

Yesterday had its ups and downs, with a few bumps and bruises, too. But in an effort to save a few of the cute little conversations we have and preserve them for the future, the one that sticks out to me from yesterday involves the cat.

The girl does love her cat. She asks about Toodles at random times, and often wants to go check on her. Toodles, you see, lives outside. But for a few rebel moments when she’s snuck in the house unseen, she’s an outside cat. We got her to hunt, and she does her job pretty well. In the winter, she lives in Cody’s shop, which is insulated, so it’s much warmer and safer than her being out in the elements. But, it makes for an interesting time of needing to put her out on the days it’s warm, and bring her back in for the nights… And because of this transition, Becca is never quite sure the location of her cat. When it’s super cold outside, she’ll touch the glass on the back french doors and say “cold.” Then, after a long pause she’ll often turn to me with a panicked look and say “Kitty! Cold! Oh no!” To which I always reassure her, “Toodles is in the shop, she’s nice and warm.

Yesterday, Boo was stalling. For some reason her beloved room time (alone time playing independently in her room) wasn’t appealing- she just wanted Mommy. So she was sitting in my lap facing me, telling me random things that mainly made no sense at all. Suddenly, she said “Toos? Warm?” I replied, “Yes, it’s warm. Toodles is outside today.” She replied, “Door open, Daisy off off, Kitty hi!” I love it. That’s the process when we go out to see the cat. Mommy opens the door, has to tell Daisy “off,” which Becca parrots as well, and then she can go see her kitty. I must admit I was quite surprised at the completeness of her statement. The hand gestures that accompanied were so cute, too- esp the “Daisy off off” part. I wasn’t sure how to respond, but I assured her we would go out and see her kitty later, after room time. (And we did.)

What can I say? The girl loves her cat.