Precious Memories

To say I’ve been busy is putting it lightly.  Gone are the days of daily blog posts.  I hope and pray that one day I can get back to them again, because I really do miss writing – and we certainly have a lot going on that I would love to share.  But today I have to write.  I have to do it while the feelings are still fresh – while the memories are still raw.  Before time steals them from me and they are only sealed in photos that will forever tell the story on my behalf.

This past week we drove to see my family for Thanksgiving.  It’s becoming an annual tradition because my grandparents are unable to travel.  In fact, they are unable to leave their assisted living home without special care.  Seeing them this week was bittersweet.  Grandma was very lucid.  Far moreso than what has become normal.  I had some beautiful time with her, and I will forever hold dear the photos of my precious Grandma working a puzzle with my baby girl.  Thanksgiving afternoon, as I sat alone with the two of them, she told me I’m a good mama.  She told me my children are beautiful.  And she and I shared what I’m sure will be one last hug and kiss.

Grandpa was in and out.  Sometimes he knew who I was, and other times he didn’t.  He gave me some gardening tips and reminisced with me about all the things he used to do with his granddaughter – though he didn’t realize that the adult woman sitting across from him was the same little girl in his mind and in the photos he was holding.  We talked about long walks through the woods near their home, and favorite spots.  We laughed about how his granddaughter used to enjoy shucking corn – until she’d find a worm.  I would then throw down the ear of corn and go running to the house!

I told them that even though we live hundreds of miles and 12 hours apart now, someday we will once again have forever together in Heaven.  I pray that they get their wish to go to Heaven together.  And I pray that God in His mercy takes them Home soon.  They are both very human.  They haven’t lived perfect lives.  But they have lived forgiven lives.  And I know that one day we will be together again, though I highly doubt from their current conditions that it will be on this Earth.

I love them both dearly, and I’m so glad that Becca is old enough to (even if only vaguely) remember them.  I’m also so very glad that we were able to bring a few minutes of happiness into their very dreary, forgetful world.  Our week was far more than just spending time with them, but these are precious memories that will never be repeated, and I will cherish them always.gma gpa collage

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I am a SPED Paraprofessional who is mom to three beautiful children, a wife to a fabulous man, and blessed beyond compare!

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