Sewing again!

It had appeared my sewing machine was permanently out of commission, but I figured out- it just couldn’t handle the projects I was trying to do. It doesn’t like thick thread, or thick fabric. Live and learn!
So I found on Pinterest a pattern from to make a bandana dress… And I decided to give it a try! I made mine a bit different than hers- did the ribbon more like a pillowcase dress (ties on one side) and I used a thick white ribbon (I already had). So this project literally cost me $2. I washed the bandanas with vinegar along with some other fabric I’m hoping to sew soon (vinegar sets the colors and keeps them from running in future washes). Then I basically followed her directions, but started sewing 6 inches down instead of 9, and sewed in about an inch and a quarter on the sides. This made a perfect 2T-sized dress!!
Here’s my beautiful model. 🙂 (Note that with the thicker ribbon, it’s too short to be worn without leggings.)



Author: Mrs. H

I am a SPED Teacher who is mom to three beautiful children, a wife to a fabulous man, and blessed beyond compare!

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