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Children’s library
While one might think that organizing your toddler or elementary-aged child’s library would be futile, it’s actually one of the earliest ways to begin teaching your child to organize! There are a variety of ways you could chose to sort- with baskets, bins, tubs, or just by lining them up on a shelf.
But I highly recommend starting by making a section of bedtime or naptime comfort stories. For us, that section is right next to the rocking chair.
Then, if you have an older child, have him or her help you think of ways to sort the books. They could be by favorites, by topic, by color of the cover, or of course, by author. You might want a seperate section for magazines and for any audio gift books they might have received.
For younger children, a hodge-podge is easier to manage for the ones who are discovering how fun it is to pull books in and out of the baskets! Ha! However, I still recommend keeping a somewhat organized approach. Our baby Highlights magazines (called “Hello”- if you haven’t seen them for your preschooler, they are FABULOUS!!!), go in one basket, and then we also have a basket specifically for our theme books. The past couple weeks we’ve been learning about pond animals, so all of the books that we own that reference any sort of pond, turtle, duck, fish, or frog, goes in that special basket. The other books just go neatly in whatever basket they’ll fit in.
No matter the age, having a special way you keep your books helps your child to understand they aren’t just toys thrown in a bin- they are special and important. 🙂


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