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I have long struggled to keep all the plates spinning – whether when I was teaching, planning a wedding, working, maintaining two schedules so I knew when my husband was doing what, or now – juggling work, family, pets, and extra activities we each enjoy doing. I am also not one of those people who does well with a calendar on the computer or phone. Which is weird, I know, because I’m SO technology oriented. But there is something about me. I just have to WRITE IT DOWN. And I have to see it in a couple of different places for something to really stick in my head.

SO, a while back I created my calendar peg board. It’s great for combining every schedule I have and making a quick visual reference for anyone in the family to view. You can see pictures and learn more about that project from my previous blog. You’ll find the post here: And yes, that was from January of 2012… and I’m still using it. I update it on the first of every month, and it’s a great way for me to sit down and review what is coming up during the month. Plus, since it has calendars for the next two months upcoming, it’s a great way for me to start thinking about events further down the road. Here’s an updated picture of my calendar taken today:


Recently, however, I got tired of my Office Depot-purchased calendar book, with its tattered pages and multiple paper clips trying to hold everything together.  I wanted something cute and fun, that fit my needs.  So, the search began.  I didn’t want to spend any money, so I looked on Pinterest for ideas… and found LOTS of calendar and organizing ideas.  I decided that I’d use a binder I already had, paper I already had, plastic sleeves I already had, and tab dividers I already had to make the perfect binder for me!  And that’s what I did.  Here are a few shots:

IMG_9664 (480x640) IMG_9665 (586x640)  IMG_9667 (593x640)

I just took a cute paper and printed the binder title on it and slipped it in the front cover!

These beautiful printable monthly calendars are found FREE from this blog that I have now searched over an hour for and can’t find again!!  OH NO!!!  You can download the pdf file here:  This lady created a beautiful calendar file that you can just print on your color printer.  I will continue to search for that blog, and when I find it, will update with the link.

IMG_9668 (586x640)IMG_9666 (569x640)

I love this “Peek at the Week” sheet.  It’s fabulous for recording daily “to do” items, as well as weekly.  Plus, it’s a menu planner, a grocery list keeper, and a place to record thoughts, where I like to write a Bible verse.  It starts out fairly blank for the week, and by the end of the week, it is typically quite full and messy!  Best part is, when it’s done, I can just pull it out of the binder and toss it!!!  Talk about feeling successful!  That week is DONE! 🙂  Get it here:

IMG_9669 (554x640)

On the back of each monthly calendar, I have a calendar for recording birthdays and anniversaries!  Perfect because it’s not year-specific and can be kept in the binder even when the years go by.  Perfect for quick reference, and easy to add to when new friends come along!

In the back of the binder, I have a reference section, where I can keep my (ideal) household cleaning schedule, home and auto maintenance schedules as well as auto insurance information, pet care records, and since they are in plastic sleeves, the back is the perfect place to store pet shot records and receipts.  Becca has her own binder, which I’ll share at some point in the future.  If you would like to download these pages that I personally created, you can download them here:

Title Pages
Monthly Birthday and Anniversary Chart
Household Cleaning
Home Maintenance
Auto Maintenance
Auto Insurance Info
Pet Care Records

IMG_9671 (637x640) IMG_9672 (640x350) IMG_9673 (640x357) IMG_9674 (563x640)

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